Where Did My Battery Die?

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Introducing "Where Did My Battery Die?" the new Android app that will be the most useful utility on your phone. This app will send you an email right before your battery dies containing a link to a Google map with the GPS location of your phone marked. It can also post a status update to your Facebook profile right before the battery dies, alerting your family and friends that your phone is off and the best way to reach you now is through Facebook. Simply open the app, enter your information and leave it running in the background.

There are other apps that will assist you in finding your phone, but they all require the phone to be on. If you lose your phone it's only a matter of time before the battery dies. Many of these other apps also maintain records of your location, which any privacy conscious consumer should be wary of. The "Where Did My Baterry Die?" app keeps no record of your location or your email. It simply utilizes your phone's last 1% of power to email you its GPS location and/or update your status on Facebook.

With this new app a worried parent who is unable to reach their child will have the assurance of knowing where they are. If your phone is stolen this app will help you solve the case while alerting family and friends to contact you through Facebook until you do. Someone waking up and realizing their phone is missing after a night on the town can check their email and know exactly where to go. Many people's phones lose power over the course of a long workday, but with this app you'll never have worried spouses or frustrated friends wondering why they can't reach you. These situations are just a few of the many ways your life will be improved with 'Where Did My Battery Die?' Available free for a limited time only!

【免費工具App】Where Did My Battery Die?-APP點子

【免費工具App】Where Did My Battery Die?-APP點子

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