Who Can't Draw - Party game!

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

Who Can’t Draw is a party game for family and friends. Just like Charades, Taboo, Guess the word or Heads Up, everyone can play together during a party, gathering or at a dinner table with their family and friends, however this time we use drawing instead.

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

Inspired from traditional game like like Chinese Whispers or the Broken Telephone, we modernize it and create Who Can’t Draw by allowing user to draw a given word. This drawing will have to be redraw down the line of player and finally, the last player will have to guess the word given. At the end, a result page will show a chain of drawing being drawn by the players. Quite often, it will turn out exactly different from the first drawing, and this often generate the most laughter!

Who Can’t Draw How to Play

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

1. Select between 2-8 Player at the beginning

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

2. Choose a word from Category including

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- Animal

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- Famous

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- Food

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- Home

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- Sports and Game

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- Movies

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

- To be updated frequently

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

3. Take a Photo to be use to identified your drawing at the result page. None will be save by us.

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

4. Draw the word and pass the phone to the next player.

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

5. Redraw until the last user.

【免費家庭片App】Who Can't Draw - Party game!-APP點子

6. Last user guess the word from the drawing.

7. See from the result page and vote a player who can’t draw

8. Share on Facebook or twitter and start next round

9. At the end of final round, the most vote player who can’t draw will have to do a forfeit.

Who should download Who Can’t Draw

Anyone who love a icebreaking game, a party game where family and friends can play together and have fun will find who can’t draw to be extremely fun!

If you love games like Charades, Guess the word, Heads up or Taboo, you’ll love this game!

Why we come out with Who Can’t Draw

We believe that there should be more apps to encourage and engage user to play together with their family and friends. Like Charades, Heads Up, Taboo or Guess the word, they are the same kind of party game but it seems to be the only choice. So we decided to come out a party game from a different angle but still allow family and friends to play and have fun together.


Who Can’t Draw - Party Game for family and friends is completely different from Taboo, Charades, Heads Up or Guess the word. The only similarities is we allow multiple player to play using a single device to have fun and laughter.

For more info:

Website: http://onethird.co

Facebook: http://facebook.com/whocantdraw

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