Who is it? identifies callers

【免費通訊App】Who is it? identifies callers-APP點子

Are you receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers, or want to avoid an unpleasant call from the tax office, but often get surprised, as you don’t know the phone number? With „Who-is-it?“ you may save yourself the trouble to answer such calls, and our app gives you information about the caller before you answer the call, even when the number is not saved in your contact list.

This app will show the name, company, address or even branch or the caller even before attending the call, as well as a possible entry in our spammer database, exposing him as such.

You will be able to see a history of the identities of all the previous incoming calls and add them to your contact list, as it suits you.

Currently „Who-is-it?” supports the following countries:

• United States of Amerika

• Germany

【免費通訊App】Who is it? identifies callers-APP點子

• Italy

• France

• Poland

• Australia

• Switzerland

• Portugal

【免費通訊App】Who is it? identifies callers-APP點子

• Sweden

Spammers will be identified as such and “Who-is-it?” allows you to simply ignore those calls in future without wondering who it was. Our database is constantly being updated and enhanced. Help us identify spammers and expose them as such; with just a few clicks you can add them to our database and even comment and share your experience with a growing community, who will highly appreciate it.

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