Who is the Dino Survivor

【免費冒險App】Who is the Dino Survivor-APP點子


Its a challenging Game. In this Game , You have a target to cross the horrible Dinosaur Jungle. You have a weapons to survive yourself by using Rifle , gun and AK-47.

Jungle (Forest): place of your horror dreams, magnet of your imaginations, your fantasy place is here. you can achieve here what you can not in your real life, hunt in jungle. Enter the jungle for hunt, the wild animals you have dreamed of, you have wished and imagined. In this dangerous forest, take the aim and shoot right at the head or body.

You must have played other hunting games that it provided you all in one to cross the Dinosaur Jungle. , your stamina in this dangerous forest game.

★★★ STORY LINE ★★★

【免費冒險App】Who is the Dino Survivor-APP點子

You love for adventure, and are entered in this Dinosaur dangerous jungle , here you have a mission to cross it..

★★★ Best Game Features ★★★

1. Dangerous Realistic Jungle Environment

2. Realistic Rifle, gun. AK-47.

3. Different animals to select as target

【免費冒險App】Who is the Dino Survivor-APP點子

★★★ How to Play ★★★

1. Select the animal to target the Dinosaurs.

3. take, zoom,shoot at target with Rifle.

4. navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone

【免費冒險App】Who is the Dino Survivor-APP點子

5. use zoom and shooting buttons for hit

【免費冒險App】Who is the Dino Survivor-APP點子

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