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Who’s Flying Where is a free app for radio control (RC) pilots to see who is flying when and where. Set up your flight plans, even at the last minute, and your buddies will get an automatic notice as soon as you arrive at the field. Add your own flying locations or use the database of more than 2,000 fields.

-Discover who is flying.

-Search by buddy list.

-Tap a buddy’s name for their full schedule.

-Customize your buddy list at anytime by adding or eliminating names.

-Customize notifications from all, some or none of your buddies.

-Discover who is flying at your favorite locations.

-Use a radius search or specific location search for out-of-town events.

-Check to see who’s there at any time.

-Make the spot one of your favorites.

【免費生活App】Who's Flying Where-APP點子

-Make changes to the name, location or permitted activities of the venue.

-Users can create new sites on the fly and edit any site in the system. Users keep the data fresh.

-Log your flight plan for any venue in 5 seconds.

-Setup your flight schedule for tomorrow or the entire year!

-Every venue has a map, list of permitted flight activities and a primary and secondary name field.

-You can make a venue private if only you and your buddies fly there.

-Set your system up to automatically generate a notice the moment you arrive at your flying site.

-Set up buddy notification to receive instant messages when your buddies check into a flying site or -schedule an upcoming flight plan.

-Your favorite spots show up first for easy access.

-Automatically post your flight status to Twitter and Facebook.

【免費生活App】Who's Flying Where-APP點子

We plan to release continuous updates to the app, so rather than slam us if you have an issue, just visit our website, www.whowhereapp.com and give us the feedback directly. We will address it.

【免費生活App】Who's Flying Where-APP點子

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