Who's Who in the Zoo

【免費生活App】Who's Who in the Zoo-APP點子

Who's Who in the Zoo: An easy to understand, yet powerful and accurate personality type quiz that gives you an insight into human behaviour, offering explanations for why people act and think the way they do.

The AusIDentities program combines ancient personality theories with the characteristics of some well known Australian animals to help improve our levels of self-awareness and empower students and teachers to create a more inclusive and harmonious educational experience, and business leaders to build more effective teams.

This Aus IDentities app, Who's Who in the Zoo, represents a simplified version of our full program, but still offers the same powerful insights into who we are and how we interact with others.

There are three sets of 36 questions included in this universal version app. They are specifically targeted at different groups of people at different developmental stages. The three groups are: Entry (8-12 years old), Intermediate (13-17 years old), and Corporate (over 18).

What does this app include?

【免費生活App】Who's Who in the Zoo-APP點子

* Three sets of 36 simple questions about how you prefer to behave, leading to the identification with a dominant and secondary totem from the four animal personality types that AusIDentities uses

【免費生活App】Who's Who in the Zoo-APP點子

* Insights into how each of the four animal types communicates and interacts with the world

* A promotional code offering a 5% discount on any future purchase of AusIDentities resources

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