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For years, hearing aids have provided benefit for people with hearing loss, but wearers often still struggled in everyday situations like hearing in noisy restaurants, as well as hearing televisions and radios. Just think how many times you have heard couples fight over the television volume, knowing that one or both of the arguers must be struggling with hearing loss.Now there is a hearing aid called Wi Series designed to help people hear better in noise, and connect directly to a variety of media devices from televisions and radios, to mp3 players and computers. This app provides several demonstrations that will benefit both hearing care professionals and their patients, while serving as an interactive user manual for this highly advanced technology. Users of the app will experience:• Demonstration videos to help explain how hearing device wireless connects to multiple media devices as well as the hearing care professionals programming computer• Interactive audio comparisons to help explain how the hearing aids can help wearers in a variety of common, noisy environments• Connects to online user videos and manuals designed to help users utilize all aspects of this innovative technology• Connects to a third-party hearing healthcare websites to help educate hearing loss sufferers • Connects to Starkey website to help potential patients find nearby hearing healthcare optionsThe Wi Series app is designed to engage and educate hearing care professionals and hearing loss sufferers about new methods for hearing in historically difficult situations, while providing current wearers much needed information to maximize their experience with the hearing device.

【免費健康App】Wi Series-APP點子

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