Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free-APP點子

Are you concerned about your kid's mobile Internet usage? And are you having difficulties on controlling it? Not only for the parents and kids, this app can also help anyone who wants to have schedule-based Wi-Fi control, the Wi-Fi on your device will be automatically turned-on/off based on the policy and schedule.

There are 4 versions of Wi-Fi Locker for Kids which can be selected by your use case. You can start with Pro or Free version, and expand features with Remote and Monitor apps.

- Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free

: Equivalent features with Pro version but has a limit on making multiple Wi-Fi control schedules.

- Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Pro

: With running this application on your kid's device, you can easily control your kid's Wi-Fi access based on the basic policy(turn-on or off) and exception schedule.

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free-APP點子

: Not like other monitoring apps, this app does not consume the battery much.

: This app uses network time, which means changing local time of the device won't affect to the controlling of Wi-Fi based on the schedule.

: Instant Wi-Fi access : With using Remote app on parent's device, parents can give an instant Wi-Fi access remotely via text message.

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free-APP點子

: Monitoring uninstallation : With installing Monitor app on the kid's device, parents can get a notification text message when the Pro or Free(and even Monitor) app is uninstalled.

- Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Remote

: Remote app helps you to allow instant Wi-Fi access without having admin logon and making changes on the Wi-Fi schedule on your kid's device. It is designed for the situation when you or your kid is outside but your kid needs to have instant Wi-Fi access which is currently not allowed by Wi-Fi Locker for Kids basic policy and exception schedule.

: Remote application needs to be installed on parent's device.

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free-APP點子

: With the Remote app, you can generate an "Authentication Code" and send it to your kid directly via text message. Then an instant Wi-Fi access schedule will be automatically registered on your kid's Wi-Fi Locker for Kids application.

- Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Monitor

: Once the Monitor app is installed on your kid's device, it will automatically send a text message when the Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Pro or Free application is uninstalled.

: The Pro or Free app will also send a text message when this Monitor app is uninstalled.

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free-APP點子

: For Android 2.2~3.0 device, the launch icon will disappear right after the installation.

: For Android 3.1~ device, please launch it and just quit, then the launch icon will disappear.

: You can always uninstall it from Settings->Application manager.

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Locker for Kids Free-APP點子

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