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Welcome to the Wi-Fi Now application from U.S. Cellular® ! This is a free service that gives you access to the world’s largest network of qualified Wi-Fi hotspots. Wi-Fi Now automatically connects your device to select public and amenity Wi-Fi hotspots and helps you save on mobile data usage. Additionally, Wi-Fi Now tests the hotspots for functionality and will only connect to quality hotspots. Once set-up, Wi-Fi Now operates in the background – no user action is required. Wi-Fi Now makes connecting to Wi-Fi networks convenient and easy.

Wi-Fi Now adds to the native Android connection manager’s capability by identifying which hotspots to connect to and, more importantly, how to connect to them. For example, many public hotspots require a user to launch their device browser and tap on an “accept” button (or other manual steps) on a web page before they get a working Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi Now takes care of these steps automatically for millions of qualified public and amenity Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi Now is designed to have negligible impact on battery life when compared to an equivalent device that has Wi-Fi enabled. If you notice a change, it may be because your data consumption is increasing and/or because the screen is enabled more often. Using Wi-Fi Now ensures the maximum benefit can be obtained from having Wi-Fi enabled and is strongly recommended.

To learn more about Wi-Fi Now and how we have addressed many of the questions and requests in the User Review section of Google Play, please see the following URL:


Not compatible with the following devices:

【免費工具App】Wi-Fi Now by U.S.Cellular-APP點子

• Samsung Acclaim

• HTC Desire

• LG Apex

• LG Optimus

• LG Genesis

• Samsung i100 – Gem

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