WiFi & Router Password Finder

【免費工具App】WiFi & Router Password Finder-APP點子

WiFi & Router Password Finder is an offline application that helps you find the default passwords for more than 1,200 WiFi routers. The app provides various details like Vendor, Model, Version, Username and Password. This app can be very useful to recover password set by default for the model of your router and you can able to conveniently access the network.

How to use app:

* Choose your router model and version from the list

【免費工具App】WiFi & Router Password Finder-APP點子

* Tap on to get the default password and other information

* Email the details of your router

【免費工具App】WiFi & Router Password Finder-APP點子

The app is easy, fast and accurate. If you can't find the exact model of the router, try an alternative model from the same manufacturer. Usually, vendors use the same or similar passwords across different models.

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