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Showing pictures to friends or family is just nicer on a big screen, like your computer or laptop. But isn't it cumbersome to have to copy them over or upload to some website first?

Enter Wifi Gallery: Just start the program, enter the URL on your computer and you get a nicely looking website presenting the pictures you want to show!

There is no setup: After starting the app it tells you the URL to open. If you like you can select which images to display in a very easy way: Just pick a collection and some picture to start off with. Any newer pictures you have taken will be shown as well.


This app is donation-ware and there are no ads.

Note: Killing the app can be difficult. If you want to stop using it, just start it again and click on the "Stop Server" button.

If the app crashes, please do upload the backtrace. This gives me a chance to fix the crashes you are experiencing.

【免費媒體與影片App】Wifi Gallery-APP點子

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