WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher

【免費個人化App】WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher-APP點子

Win Metro Theme, this theme intends to make your device has Win Metro feel

This theme support KK Launcher and other Launcher that support icon pack

All the icons in this theme are 192 x 192 full HD

Supported Launchers:

- KK Launcher

- S Launcher

- Nova Launcher

- Apex Launcher

- Action Launcher

- ADW Launcher

- Aviate Launcher

【免費個人化App】WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher-APP點子

- Smart Launcher

- Holo Launcher

- Atom Launcher

- TSF Shell

- Inspire Launcher

- Solo launcher

- Themer

- and other launcher that support icon pack

How to use this theme:

1. For KK Launcher users, after install, please use/apply it in KK Launcher -- Menu -- Theme -- Installed tab

2. For other launcher users, please use similar method

【免費個人化App】WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher-APP點子


Enjoy !

免費玩WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher APP玩免費

免費玩WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher App

WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher APP LOGO

WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher LOGO-APP點子

WinMetro Theme - KK Launcher APP QRCode

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