Wingsuit Man

【免費動作App】Wingsuit Man-APP點子

Wingsuit Man - Fly crazy in 3D!

New fly crazy adventures are waiting for you! Racing game in the sky and steeplechase Wingsuit Man for all fans of high speed and Wingsuit Stickman! Avoid the obstacles and collect as many points as possible. Use your attention, reaction and patience to complete the levels successfully. Fly over the rocks, seas and mountains. Enjoy different challenging levels. Make your score better every time you play.

Flying game for speed with cool characters and interesting missions! Control the wingsuit man's fly – don’t let him to smash up.

【免費動作App】Wingsuit Man-APP點子

Wingsuit Man features:

- Wingsuit flying;

- Exciting 3D graphics;

【免費動作App】Wingsuit Man-APP點子

- User-friendly interface and intuitive control;

- Exstreme fly with realistic physics effects;

- Flying racing games for kids and adults;

【免費動作App】Wingsuit Man-APP點子

- Free app.

Wear you wingsuit and go! Wingsuit Man - enjoy the wonderful experience of a perfect wingsuit flight in 3D.

【免費動作App】Wingsuit Man-APP點子

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