Winslow Family Diner

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Owner and expert Chef Pasa Ozturk opened Winslow Family Diner & Restaurant in the Fall of 2004, with a vision of creating Sicklerville ultimate Diner experience. Trained in the fine art of cooking at the age of 20 years, Pasa has spent his life creating the world's best Italian Cuisine. Pasa brings his love and passion to every dish he creates. The whole Ozturk family works at the restaurant, his brother Freddy and father Giza as well as most of his sisters. This gives the Restaurant a warm family atmosphere. Pasa"s first Restaurant was the Fireside in Pitman NJ.That was opened in 1999.


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【免費商業App】Winslow Family Diner-APP點子

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【免費商業App】Winslow Family Diner-APP點子

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【免費商業App】Winslow Family Diner-APP點子

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