WoW Toon Wars

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Find out how worthy your World of Warcraft characters really are. Confront them to characters from all realms (US & EU so far) and beat them in epic Toon Wars!

WoW Toon Wars creates a ranking system based on a number of armory statistics. Achievements, Quests, Honorable Kills, Boss kill and many more stats are taken into account to give your characters a global ranking.

Add your toons (or any toon) and see how they fare!


Previous Patch Notes:

- Pet count now only include Unique pets.

【免費娛樂App】WoW Toon Wars-APP點子

- Updated support for Pandaren and Monks.

- Updated armory feed that now correctly retrieves the number of pets/mounts etc.

- Note, the number of boss kills (heroic/normal) only counts UNIQUE kills. If you kill the same boss twice it still counts as one kill. The idea is to see who has cleared the most content.

- Likewise the number of quests shows the UNIQUE quests completed.

【免費娛樂App】WoW Toon Wars-APP點子

- Fixed some display issues where the avatar and the background images appeared clipped.

- Added the Character Global Ranking to the character page.

This ranking shows the position of the character

- Added a default Global Ranking page showing the top characters uploaded.

【免費娛樂App】WoW Toon Wars-APP點子

- Rankings can now be filtered by Faction (Horde / Alliance), Region (US/EU), Realm and Guild. See how well you fare within your own guild or realm!

- Added a page by page mechanism allowing to see all ranks instead of only the top 50

- Added a Help section

- Added guild info (name and level) and linked it to the guild Armory page. The guild info is located just under the character header

【免費娛樂App】WoW Toon Wars-APP點子

- Fixed an issue where accentuated characters wouldn't display correctly in the character names

- Added Favorites, to make sure you can always access your toons easily

- Added Latest Added, to let you see all the latest characters added to WoW Toon Wars.

- Updated the App Icon and menu graphics.

【免費娛樂App】WoW Toon Wars-APP點子

- Added Charts, to give you a visual representation of the character distribution across Factions, Zones, Realms and Guilds

- Updated the Help section to describe charts, filters and how rankings are calculated.

- Added a Retry button to make it easier to recover from unstable network connections

- Optimized code and images to reduce the size of the application

【免費娛樂App】WoW Toon Wars-APP點子

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