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Ever wanted to easily track your cycle? Woman Calendar is just about that - tracking your cycle with ease. It will also predict future period dates, ovulation and fertile days.

Woman Calendar lets you record your moods and symptoms along with temperature and weight. We are aware that not every woman has a 28/5 cycle so you can enter the numbers that are right for you.

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

Woman Calendar’s features:

* Seven days trial

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

* Easy to use

* Six themes available

* Daily Horoscope

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

* Future period dates, ovulation and fertile days calculation

* Adjustable period length used for predictions

* Track twenty six moods and thirty symptoms(five custom)

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

* Enter notes, track temperature and weight

* Discreet name and Tile icon

* Password protection

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

* Live tile

* Pill reminder

* Backup data

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

* Share your records via email

* Charts and statistics

【免費健康App】Woman Calendar-APP點子

We hope you will find Woman Calendar very useful. Your opinion is priceless to us so please send feedback to woman_calendar@phone-ninjas.com or share your thoughts in the review section.

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