Word Puzzle

【免費解謎App】Word Puzzle-APP點子

This is a word puzzle game. This word puzzle is not only making you fun but also it improves your thinking capabilities and language usability.

This app is both for you and your kid. Have a fun with solving word puzzle of words. You have to drag and drop correct letters into blanks to complete the word. You are good if you can complete the word before times up. You can try even after the time up if you want. User can see the meaning for each word after you have complete it. The game has six difficulty levels.

This game makes users to have one of their favorite look and feel by allowing them to choose their favorite theme. Game has five beautiful themes. You can change themes whenever you want.

【免費解謎App】Word Puzzle-APP點子

This game is not just for playing three or four weeks you can play this game for months may be for years. This game is a totally offline game.

Game is so easy in easiest level and so hard in hardest level. Game will start at easy level and gradually goes up with your performance. You can change the difficulty at anytime you want. Game contains six difficulty levels.


【免費解謎App】Word Puzzle-APP點子

- User friendly interface for drag and drop

- Themes on user preference

- Large number of words

【免費解謎App】Word Puzzle-APP點子

- Idiom meaning with an example

- Six difficulty levels

- Totally offline

【免費解謎App】Word Puzzle-APP點子

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