Word Up Dog

【免費拼字App】Word Up Dog-APP點子

It's Dig-Dug meets Scrabble with a dash of Wild Style. A fresh new word game like you've never played before.

Dig your way through a subterranean maze, collecting letters and spelling words as you go. Avoid enemies, blow up impassible rocks, beg for wildcards and dig up bones. Play slow and thoughtful to make the longest words you can, or race against the clock to beat bonus challenges.


- No ads or in game purchases!

- Random levels are different every time you play

【免費拼字App】Word Up Dog-APP點子

- Seven worlds with unique challenges

- Challenging time-based bonuses

- Optional expanded dictionary with common slang and proper names

- Chill and funky soundtrack

【免費拼字App】Word Up Dog-APP點子

Think you got what it takes, Dog? You won't know 'till you try. Word up.

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