WordScout Biology

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Enhance vocabulary

Strengthen word recall and memory

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Stimulate problem solving skills

Improve focus and attention

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Great for spelling by forcing you to spell the words correctly

Reduce tension and eases anxiety - Focusing your attention on a puzzle can help you to keep anxiety at bay.

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Pure fun - especially as you learn and master a puzzle

Keep your brain active

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Uses different forms of thinking to train the brain

WordScout provides:

30 different puzzles

20 words per puzzle to master

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Biology terms

Biology elements

Crossword puzzle functions include:

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Step 1: Tap on the crossword puzzle to see a hint.

Step 2: Type in your answer where the number of characters should match the number of squares.

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Tap 'OK' when done typing in a word.

Tap 'Cancel' if you don't have an answer.

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Tap 'Solve' for the answer. Use solve to review and study words. Then refresh the puzzle and repeat until you have mastered a puzzle.

Administration functions:

Check Puzzle - to summarize empty words, errors, and correct words.

【免費教育App】WordScout Biology-APP點子

Learn more about us, email feedback, and tell an educator about us.

Select new puzzle number using the slider. Restart the puzzle.

Mail puzzle summary results to your educator or to yourself for review.

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