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Worksafe Information Point IP is a unique system that offers peace of mind to Property Managers, Facilities Managers, Financial Managers and those responsible for building services.Worksafe IP is a digital reference information system which provides site specific relevant health and safe access information, and site specific relevant documentation, that should be accessible to and required for, or by, contractors, managers or any other authorised emergency services or personnel accessing your site. Whether contractors are required on site to undertake routine maintenance work, or an emergency call out, the relevant site specific information is available to them on a reader system, with a log in facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system provides confirmation and clarification of: The site address with key contact detailsSpecific area location with directions and mapHealth and safe access overview with isolation points of the specific locationAccess information for the specific areaRelevant documentation appertaining to the plant and areaPlant list as provided This could include specific details /instructions regarding a lift, pit and motor room, boiler room, tank room, switch room, plant rooms and contains specifics such as isolation and cut off points, fire extinguisher locations, stand pipe outlets, dry riser and fire hose outlets. Your building surveyors have instant access, as and when required, to your onsite plant list regarding specific location, and / or plant information.

【免費商業App】Work Safe Information Point-APP點子

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