Work Shift Calendar

【免費商業App】Work Shift Calendar-APP點子

The ultimate tool for shift workers!

Easily display busy and free days by browsing through your calendar - even years ahead in time! Are you free for your daughters birthday? Your sons ball game? Easter? The shift calendar gives you the answer instantly and effortlessly.


- Press menu button to configure

- Choose shift type - 57 different types available

- Choose first day of shift

- Choose first week of shift

- Choose theme (background image - more themes added on request!)

- Flip up/down/right/left to navigate the calendar - next year, previous year, next month, previous month

The ultimate tool for shift workers working in

- Casino

- Catering

- Customer service

- Call centers

- Death care (medical examiner or coroner)

- Emergency response systems

- Firefighting

- Paramedic services

- Police

- Funeral

- Flight Test

- Health care

【免費商業App】Work Shift Calendar-APP點子

- Logistics

- Hospitality

- Hotel

- Manufacturing

- Military

- Retail

- Restaurant

- Telecommunications

- Television

- Radio broadcasting

- Transportation

- Railroads

- Security

- Public utilities

- Nuclear power

- Fossil fuel, gas and oil

- Solar, wind, and hydro power

【免費商業App】Work Shift Calendar-APP點子

- Offshore, rig and drilling

More shift patterns and themes added on request! Send a mail to to request new shift patterns/themes.

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【免費商業App】Work Shift Calendar-APP點子

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