World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser

【免費運動App】World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser-APP點子

"World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser" - is primarily targeted at the soccer crazy football fans who are following the FIFA Football World Cup 2014 being held in Brazil. The app contains many path breaking features like;

1. All match schedules

【免費運動App】World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser-APP點子

2. Details about all participating teams including names and pictures of all players

【免費運動App】World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser-APP點子

3. Group information - The various teams are divided into 8 groups, this feature informs about the teams in all the groups

【免費運動App】World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser-APP點子

4. Twitter Buzz - This feature is the truly USP of this app and here we provide live tweets regarding this mega event from all over the world

【免費運動App】World Cup '14 - Curtain Raiser-APP點子

5. Notifications - All users will be provided real-time notifications just before all the matches - so no fan ever misses a WORLD CUP MATCH!!! Also we shall provide scores of all matches via notifications so that if you are working - you get the match scores

Hope you have a wonderful time following the world cup through our App...

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