World Public Holidays

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World Public Holidays is a handy reference for public holidays. 243 countries and territories are covered. Where different regions in the country have their own public holiday schedule (eg. Switzerland, United States, Australia), these are represented individually.


You may pin one or more live tiles to your start screen. These live tiles will indicate the number of days to the next public holiday, and if the country has regional holidays you may specify which region each tile will show holidays for.


Most the data has been gathered from public sources (eg. wikipedia), but where possible it has been taken from official government or other authority websites. I welcome feedback and corrections, and greatly appreciate anyone who can translate their local government's website and provide me with 100% accurate holiday data in their region.

Please see for a full list of regions, and the accuracy of the captured data.

【免費書籍App】World Public Holidays-APP點子


World Public Holidays supports holidays using the following calendars:

- Gregorian

- Islamic

- Chinese

- Hebrew

- Jalali

- Hindu Lunar

【免費書籍App】World Public Holidays-APP點子

V1.3.0.0 (Jan 2014)

Data: Updated Malaysia Holidays

Data: Updated Spain, Chile, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Christmas Island, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, The Bahamas, Liberia, Senegal, Malawi, Guyana

Data: Corrected all Diwali Calculations

Data: Added Cocos (Keeling) Islands

New: Weekly check for new data files, downloads if changed

New in v1.2.0.0

- Updated Holidays: India (Total redo), USA, Turkey, Poland, Thailand, Netherlands, Israel (New)

- Updated Calendars: Islamic (Hijri), Hindu Lunar ... for accuracy

- Live Tiles: Made more robust

【免費書籍App】World Public Holidays-APP點子

- Features: Jump-list in countries, Details on holidays if tapped, Show holidays for any countries

- Fixed a few bugs that crashed the app

【免費書籍App】World Public Holidays-APP點子

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