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World Soccer Get Notified is a news and weather text to speech app. You've just woken up and want to know what the weather is looking like today, or have arrived home from work and want to catch-up with the latest World Soccer news, World Soccer Get Notified will provide you the information you need.Provides the following functionality:- Enables the user to select either weather (by zip code) and/or World Soccer top news story and set the time the information source will be read.- Enables the user to request an information source to be read on demand. - To view weather on demand select the weather image on the front page and select the read button on the following page.- To view top news articles select the news story and then select the read menu button on the following page.- Live tile that indicates the type and time of the next information delivery.- Fast App Resume, Speech, TTS API, Nokia Ad Exchange In App AdvertisingReminders will be set on a daily recurrence. When a reminder is launched, tap the reminder UI. The app will be launched and your news article or weather will be read out loud.

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