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#1 Media & Video App on Android Market!

Do you want to watch free TV channels on your device?

Do you want to listen to all the latest news from around the world?

Finally, your dreams can come true!

With World Streaming TV you can have access to hundreds of online TV channels from more then 70 different countries.

You can create your own bookmarks and add your own preferred channels.

Join the WSTV Community and feel free to suggest new channel links or report broken links!

Please be sure to read the list of "Frequently Asked Questions" before using the software.

Verify also to have the Flash Player installed and that your device is able to play flash contents.

Why Download the World Streaming TV News Edition Android app?

* Have access to all the best online TV channels

* Listen to the latest news from more then 150 news channels around the World

* Learn a new language watching programs from all over the world

* Bookmark your favorite channels to have quick access to them

* Be part of the WSTV Community suggesting new channels, reporting broken link.

* Share your best TV channels with your friends!

* Push your favorite channel at the top of the WSTV chart!


- Flash Player 10 or higher


- Why I cannot see any channel?

Be sure to have Flash Player 10 (or higher) installed on your device and verify that your device is able to play flash contents before downloading this apps.

If you have problems only with a specific channel retry in a couple of hours and if it will be still unavailable please report tu us. In this way we will be able to fix the issue.

- Do I have to push every time a button with green arrow to watch the videos?

Go on your browser settings and set "Always on" on the Enable plug-ins option

- Some channels require to see a few seconds of advertising before you can watch the programs:

Yes, some channels require to see a few seconds of advertising when the channel opened. In some cases you can skip commercials by pressing the appropriate closing buttons.

- The WSTV channel list is not updated and contains a few channels.

Be sure to update WSTV whenever possible. In this way you will have a channel list up to date and you will find all channels that will be added from time to time.

- I cannot see the cannel in full screen mode.

You should zoom you browser page and click on the flash "Full Screen" button to watch your channel in full screen.

- My favorite channel is not present on the WSTV list.

Suggest it to us through WSTV Preferences

if you need support feel free to contact the WSTV staff:

If you want to have WSTV translated in your own language or if you have any ideas to improve it, just tell us!

The staff of WSTV is not responsible for the temporary or permanent unavailability of channels.

The channel list may change at any time.

Please consider upgrading WSTV frequently to have access to a constantly updated list of channels.

【免費媒體與影片App】World Streaming TV - News-APP點子

【免費媒體與影片App】World Streaming TV - News-APP點子

【免費媒體與影片App】World Streaming TV - News-APP點子

【免費媒體與影片App】World Streaming TV - News-APP點子

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