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With Our Guide You Can Learn About the Following:

Gold Making- We have some of the best strategies for making thousands of gold in World of Warcraft. Just look at the screenshot below where we have made 188,815 gold using these strategies! These strategies will show you the best farming spots, get that epic mount you have always wanted or resell the gold! We have tons of great tips suitable for any level player.

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General Tips- Tips to get you started on your path to making hundreds of gold per hour! These tips are essential in getting you started and well on your way to becoming a rich WoW player!

Low-Level Gold Strategies- Don't have a high level character? No Problem! We talk you through some of the best methods to make gold at a low character level. Plus we give you some great items that you can use to sell for big cash.

【免費書籍App】World of Warcraft GAME GUIDE-APP點子

Making Money off of Professions- Want to know which profession makes you the most money? We will tell you. Plus we will give you strategies and items you should be focusing on to bring in the most profit. We have compiled lists of the best items to sell in WoW for big profit!

The Best Spots for each Profession / The Best Items to Farm & Where to Farm Them- Not only do we give you the best items to collect. We also tell you exactly where the best places to get them are.

The Best Mobs & Monsters to Farm- We have tested and found the mobs that are guaranteed to bring you the most cash. We have included their locations as well as tips to fighting them successfully.

Auction Tips & Tricks- We show you how you can make a profit using the auction house and the auctioneer addon. You can use this strategy to make an additional 200 gold per day!

【免費書籍App】World of Warcraft GAME GUIDE-APP點子

This Guide is also complete with pictures to better you on your quest for gold!

PLUS Many More Gold Making Tips to have you making thousands of Gold!

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