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【免費工具App】Worlds Best Flashlight - FREE-APP點子

The worlds best Free Flashlight!

-More than 15 Flashlights!

-Full control of Flashlight Brightness

-Full control of Flashlight Color

-Integrated Clock

-Full memory of settings on a per flashlight basis

-Configurable Interface Color

Why should iPhone / iPod Touch flashlight be a so vanilla? With BahnTech’s Flashlight you have access to more than 15 flashlight images, each configurable by you for Brightness and Color with infinite combination. So instead of your flashlight being one or two images of a light bulb, or a simple one-color screen, with BahnTech’s Flashlights you get to select from a vast array of images that were hand picked to provide a pleasant light source. Different images provide different light profiles, this coupled with the ability to alter the image color and brightness allows for optimized light sources for every occasion.

This Flashlight application is not just for entertainment purposes, it provides the right light for your illumination needs.

【免費工具App】Worlds Best Flashlight - FREE-APP點子

Quick Instructions:

1. Select the Flashlight Image.

2. The set the Flashlight Brightness by touching the screen to get the Brightness and Color control sliders.

3. Select the Brightness that best suites your illumination needs

4. Select the Color that best fits your personal preference.

Advanced Instructions:

1. From the main menu, select Settings OR from the Flashlight image, touch the screen, and then select Settings.

2. From Settings you have can change the following:

SOUND: Sound effects for the user interface can be disabled or enabled

【免費工具App】Worlds Best Flashlight - FREE-APP點子

CLOCK: Enable or disable the Clock on the Flashlight. It is nice to know the time when you are reading in bed, etc.

SAVE IMAGE SETTINGS: This allows the user to save any changes made to specific image Colors or Brightness. As an example; if you have a Flashlight Image that you like and use frequently, but always adjust its color to red and its brightness down 20%, then this feature will save those settings for all future usage of this Flashlight Image.

How to change the Flashlight Image:

1. From the Main Menu: Select the Image Type from the Scroll Slider Control. Then you can change from Image to Image by sliding left or right.

2. From the Flashlight Image: Just slide from side to side to change images.

3. From Settings: Select Flashlight, then slide side to side to select images.

Device Brightness:

1. Device brightness can be changed through Settings

2. Auto-Brightness can be disabled through Settings (on most devices depending on software version)

【免費工具App】Worlds Best Flashlight - FREE-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Worlds Best Flashlight - FREE-APP點子

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