Write SMS by voice PRO

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

Write SMS by voice! Now it's very fast and easy with Write SMS by voice (PRO) app!

Write SMS by voice Pro provides you the powerful and easy in use system to write your SMS by voice.

This application flexibly configured to your needs and has the most complete functionality.


- Create SMS by voice and comfortably edit them

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

- Dictionary parsing (just say “comma” and app will replace it to “,”)

- You can edit dictionary parsing and add your own words

- You can choose contact or tell the receiver's number by voice

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

- You can choose few contacts for one SMS

- Loop recognition

- Undo the last recognition function

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

- Quick smiles panel, which you can edit and add your own smiles

- Simple SMS traffic mode (control your inbox and outbox messages)

- You can reply to any incoming message in 2 clicks

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

- Message length counter

- Comfortable customizable notifications

- Confirm sending option

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

- Not only SMS (send your message with e-mail, Bluetooth, Facebook and other apps)

- Very quick and useful

- Nice design

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

- More than 70 recognition languages and you can switch them very quickly

- Localized to: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Attention! This application need Internet access for voice recognition.

【免費通訊App】Write SMS by voice PRO-APP點子

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