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What if there was an app that showed your writing and took notes in a more beautiful way?

There is. Writing Desk allows you to focus on the content that you're writing and won't clutter up your page with options, settings and unnecessary design.

- Focus on your writing with minimalism and no distractions

- Scroll down to access menu items, you only see them when you need them

- Change text and page color to fit your design preference and help your writing ***(limited color selections in Lite version, purchase Full Version for entire color wheel)

【免費生產應用App】Writing Desk Lite-APP點子

- Share page with social media, email, texting, or move your page to another note taking app

- Print page directly from Writing Desk

- Great for writers or taking notes during a meeting or class

- Have Writing Desk read your page to you so you can listen for mistakes in your content ***(Full Version Only)

【免費生產應用App】Writing Desk Lite-APP點子

- Change font size for more style customization ***(Full Version Only)

- Upgrade to Full Version to remove ads

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