X-Wish Social Game

【免費冒險App】X-Wish Social Game-APP點子

X-Wish is new mobile, social Facebook games that can make your craziest wishes come true by the friend you choose.

【免費冒險App】X-Wish Social Game-APP點子

So how do you start playing? The rules are as simple as possible.

【免費冒險App】X-Wish Social Game-APP點子

First off, you just need to invite your Facebook friend. Right after he/she accepts the invitation both of you must choose 5 wishes from the predefined icons and write your own custom wishes in given fields by selecting the proper time when you want your wish to be realized.

The next step is to send the 5 wishes to each other and randomly open just one wish out of five.

【免費冒險App】X-Wish Social Game-APP點子

The final step is to think about how to realize it.

Be attentive! When you don’t manage to realize your partner’s wish until time expires, you are a loser. A “Claim” button will be activated in your partner’s game field and he/she has the right to “punish” you by sharing on Facebook that you haven’t realized his/her wish.

The craze of the game is to get the joke and show as much creativity as possible.

【免費冒險App】X-Wish Social Game-APP點子

You can share the realized wish and upload the photo of the gift/wish on Facebook.

【免費冒險App】X-Wish Social Game-APP點子

By choosing a wish you are as free as a bird. Wishes can be romantic, comedic or simple material.

This game also gives you an opportunity to live out of social nets by organizing live drinking/eating/dancing/entertaining/romantic meetings.

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