XBLUE X-25 Softphone

【免費通訊App】XBLUE X-25 Softphone-APP點子

The X-25 Softphone is an advanced application which integrates your smart telephone with your X-25 Smart Telephone System. Once connected, over Wi-Fi or some cellular networks, you will be able to make, take, transfer to, or received transfer calls from, other telephone extensions. No Additional licenses needed.

Your Smart telephone can be used in your office as an integrated cordless telephone allowing you to transfer a call from your desktop telephone to your smart telephone to continue important conversations while on the go.

The X-25 softphone shows when other telephone extensions or telephone lines are busy. Green means the extension or line is idle, red means the line is busy.

Features while connected:

• One button pairing between your smart telephone and the X-25 System.

• Visual registration indication Green-connected, Orange-do not disturb, Yellow-call forward enabled, Gray-no longer connected

• Direct access to all 4-telephone lines

• View colleagues and telephone lines availability – Green is idle, Red is busy

• Select one of 4 types of call forwarding – Always, Busy, No Answer, and DND

• Change the call forwarding “on-the-fly” on your Smart Telephone

• Visual Voicemail and Message Waiting Indication

• Import your contacts, with and without pictures for easy identification

• Page idle desktop telephones with a single tap of an ICON

• One touch contact dialing – tap on the contact

• Call waiting – allow a second call to ring at your softphone even when you are busy

【免費通訊App】XBLUE X-25 Softphone-APP點子

• Call history with one tap redialing

• Do Not Disturb (DND) – Place your telephone extension into DND to stop your phone from ringing

• Admin Login – make administrative changes to your X-25 directly from your smart telephone

• Mute call, Place calls on hold, use Speakerphone

• Customizable ringtones

• Multiple accounts

• Call Conferencing

Emergency Calls

This application cannot be used to dial 911, E911. In the case of an emergency disconnect the application and dial 911 using your cellular provider.


• Requires the X-25 smart telephone system

• Connection may require Wi-Fi and may not work with your cellular telephone provider

• Hardware requirements: CPU 1GHz and up, RAM 512MB and up, Display 3.7” and up, Android 2.3 and up.

- V0.4.2.8 update details:

1. Improve stability for Android OS v4.2.2.

2. Sort "call logs" by accounts. (All call logs will be erased after upgrade.)

【免費通訊App】XBLUE X-25 Softphone-APP點子

3. Fixed abnormal ringing issue.

【免費通訊App】XBLUE X-25 Softphone-APP點子

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