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Now Constant Guard® by XFINITY® offers Family Sense® to help you guide your kids on how to protect their privacy, reputation and safety when using PCs or mobile devices—from texting to social networking. Review posts, texts and Tweets all in one place, and even get alerts around questionable posts and cyber-bullying. Plus, locate your kids on a map with a single click and set location-based rules, so you know they’re safe wherever they go.

The XFINITY Family Sense mobile application for Google Android phones is a component of the Family Sense product. Enrollment in XFINITY Internet and Family Sense is required in order to get the activation code for this mobile application. To learn more about Family Sense and enroll, visit

If you already signed up, download the new Family Sense mobile app to your child’s smartphone and gain insight into your child’s digital life without having to check their phone:

* Easily review text messages, mobile contacts, images, and apps to help guide your kid’s smartphone use.

* Help your child make smart decisions around personal data when posting and engaging with friends on social networks.

【免費生產應用App】XFINITY Family Sense-APP點子

* An online dashboard that lets you see your kid’s public and private profiles, social and mobile activities, photos, contacts, and even location.

* Receive email alerts regarding potentially risky online situations, including cyber-bullying.

* Track the location of your kid’s GPS-enabled device on a Family Map, schedule check-ins, and set up geo-fencing rules to know when your child reaches or departs specific locations.

* Stay up-to-date with translations of non-intuitive “teen speak” in text messages.

* Get information, tools and tips to guide your child towards a positive digital reputation.

* Connect up to four (4) children profiles.

With these exciting features, Family Sense is another reason why Constant Guard by XFINITY delivers the most comprehensive online protection of any Internet provider!


Family Sense and this app are powered by Your use of the Family Sense app is governed by the current Family Sense Terms of Use, located at If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not access, download, or use this mobile application.

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