XingPlayer is a smart music player that can browse by folder and not just album or artist like most.

◈ Main Features

- Manage Playlist

- Play by singer, album, playlist and folder

- Supports the ID3 Tag lyrics

- Supports local ASS, LRC, TXT lyric files (utf-8, ansi file format)

- Supports automatically synced lyrics by the server (only for korean)

- Supports the equalizer plug-ins (Android 2.3 Gingerbread+)

- Supports the media control buttons on the notification bar (Android 4.0 ICS+)

- Automatic detection and change tag information (by myMusicTagger plug-in)

- Download the album art (by myMusicTagger plug-in)

- Home Screen Widget (4x1)

- Lock Screen Widget

- Landscape mode

- Set ring tone

- Sleep Timer

- Share music or album art by SNS

- Find a song by title, artist and album (the search key, voice search).

- Search articles by title, artist and album from Internet or YouTube

- Settings (full screen, automatic detection a headset, ...)

- Support for multi-languages (Hangul, English, Japanese)

◈ Supported Media Formats: MP3, AAC/AAC+, 3GP, FLAC (Android 3.1+), MIDI, OGG, PCM/WAV

◈ We signed a contract with KOMCA(Korea Music Copyright Association) (Contract Number : 201012274)







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