Xperm Race

【免費休閒App】Xperm Race-APP點子

You are Joe, a hilarious spermatozoon kidnapped by a crazy doctor and their henchmen.

You are the only one left of a sacred blood line of spermatozoons, the only one who can.... SAVE THE WORLD!!!

But don't worry!

Professor White will train you on the XpermMatrix so you will be ready for the final fight...

Your destiny is to save us all, you are the CHOSEN ONE!

The key is to run, run and run. Push your opponents to keep them from reaching the end first.

Use NITRO to run even faster and leave your foes behind.

【免費休閒App】Xperm Race-APP點子

But beware because speed and enemies will get faster each new level you reach!

But even if you have to haste, relax and enjoy, you will find some bizarre characters on your path who will make your race a lot fun!

¿¿Are you ready to show them who is the strongest??


-8 different levels

-3 different difficult levels

-Play on day and night!

-Art/dialogue animations

【免費休閒App】Xperm Race-APP點子

-5 different SOUNDTRACKS to enjoy (thanks to Dan-O: http://www.danosongs.com/ )

-A lot of fun characters and crazy foes!!!

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【免費休閒App】Xperm Race-APP點子

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