Yoga For Butt

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

Yoga for Chest brings Complete explanation of Asana’s with HD Videos and Description.

App Features:

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

Total 106 Yoga Asanas with HD Videos.

1. Seated Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

2. Standing Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

3. Arm Balance Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

4. Core Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

5. Back Bend Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

6. Forward Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

7. Inversions Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

8. Restorative Poses Yoga (10 asanas)

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

9. Pranayama Yoga (10 asanas)

10. Mundra Yoga (4 asanas)

11. Meditation Yoga (10 asanas)

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

12. Yoga for Back And Butt (14 asanas)

13. HD Videos for Landscape View and Full Screen Support! (38 Videos)

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

Notable Features:

✓ See instructional Picture that explain each pose in detail.

✓ Equally usable app by men and women.

【免費健康App】Yoga For Butt-APP點子

✓ Colorful App UI Designs.

✓ High Speed Performace.

✓ Offline App

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