YouCallMD 2.0

【免費醫療App】YouCallMD 2.0-APP點子

**PLEASE NOTE: This version of YouCallMD’s application is for current YouCallMD Subscribers only.

With YouCallMD’s state of the art medical communications application, you can now:

❏ Have limited 2 way communications with Nurses, Unit Coordinators, Pharmacies, and any other Healthcare Professionals in the YouCallMD system, all with the swipe of a finger.

❏ Fully integrate with YouCallMD’s Front Office Administrative Platform.

❏ Send and receive consults (no more calling the service to ask who's on call).

❏ Manage your inbox.

❏ Reference a full directory of YouCallMD’s subscribers, and save your frequent contacts to favorites.

❏ Ensure you are compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

With the YouCallMD App.’s confirmation feature, we ensure that your messages have been acknowledged. If you miss a page, our 24/7 Medical Exclusive Call Center will be contacting you shortly to ensure that NO patient’s care goes unattended.


【免費醫療App】YouCallMD 2.0-APP點子

Additional App features:


❏ Change your schedule on the fly and communicate with our answering service directly from the app. You can also call us directly 24/7.

❏ Smart routing will ensure all your messages are delivered to the right provider.

❏ Set your YouCallMD specific alert sound to differentiate your secure work messages from your personal text messages.

❏ If you are in an area with little or no cell signal, connect to a WiFi hotspot and still receive all pages as normal.

❏ All messages are archived for 7 years, should a legality arise.

With YouCallMD’s Smartphone App., 24/7 Live Call Center, and Healthcare Professional Platform, not only will you cut your current service cost, but you will improve the speed of your patient’s care communications. Remember, YouCallMD is exclusive to the Medical Industry. We service both Hospitalist Groups and Outpatient, officebased practices. With YouCallMD’s services, we can create groupwide procedures or let individual members customize their setup.

Get a free quote and launch your communications into the 21st Century.

If interested in services, or for more information regarding YouCallMD, please call 702-224-2525 and select option 1.

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