Young Birds Gilly's Farm Fun

【免費益智App】Young Birds Gilly's Farm Fun-APP點子

Gilly is the lead of the bunch of cute little characters which YOUNG BIRDS has introduced.

Gilly's FARM FUN is the first educational & interactive puzzle game for kids by YOUNG BIRDS.

FARM FUN is a totally interactive game based on the theme of observation and matching. It educate kids not only about names of farm animals but also about their sounds, their babies, what they eat, what they give us and about several other things that we see in farms.

This game offers in App purchase and balance 3 levels can be brought at $0.99.

【免費益智App】Young Birds Gilly's Farm Fun-APP點子

Gilly's commands are very interactive and the pause feature while dragging, when he is communicating, helps kids to develop patience as the same is needed in a class room while teacher is explaining things.

Now a days kids need apps & games which are interesting, playful, educative & interactive. Through Gilly's Farm Fun, YOUNG BIRDS promises to cater to these exact education & observational needs of your cutie pies.

Don't forget to look forward for more games coming soon with different characters, which we are so sure your kids will fall in love with them.

【免費益智App】Young Birds Gilly's Farm Fun-APP點子

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