Your Garden Soil

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This book is a practical discussion of good garden soil—call it "Gardener's Loam"—how to get it, how to retain it and, of equal importance, how to make it produce maximum results for you and your plants.

Here are the chapters included inside the book:

1. From the Ground Up—A General View of Soils

2. Make the pH Work for You

3. Various Soil Tests—Pro and Con

4. What You Should Know About Nutrients

5. Soil Fertilizers—Uses and Sources

【免費書籍App】Your Garden Soil-APP點子

6. Organic AND (not vs.) Inorganic Gardening

7. Organic Matter in Soils

8. Composting and Soil Conditioning

9. Microorganisms Live and Die for You

10. The Misunderstood Earthworm

【免費書籍App】Your Garden Soil-APP點子

11. Water and Air—A Vital Pair

12. A Little Digging Goes a Long Way

13. Special Soil Mixtures

14. Soil-Borne Plant Diseases

15. Harmful Soil Insects and Other Pests

【免費書籍App】Your Garden Soil-APP點子

16. Weeds and Weed Killers

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