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This is one of the best apps to be integrated on your smart phones and other travel-along appliances. Featuring some of the immense capabilities any car-tracker app has to offer. This is a one of a kind speedometer in your pockets. This app optimizes your road safety measures, as it shows you many-sided readings needed for your vehicle precautionary measures.

The Speed For app comes along with an easy-to-read layout for in-screen map and assessment display. Giving you easy reliability over map-route tracking control, it includes a state-of-the-art GPS system, keeping you well aware of your road crossings. It also shows your accelerating speed while you’re behind your steering wheels with a perfect calculated statistical effect.

Some of the best features of For Speed App are as follows:

• For Speed comes with an integrated GPS system that lets you scan your road distance from your place of departure to the place of your arrival.

• This app lets you know the distance you have covered and on how much speed you’re cruising on the highways.

【免費交通運輸App】Your Speed-APP點子

• Easygoing map adjustments and speed-check enables you to test your perfect driving skills.

• For Speed App with all the latest tracking technology lets you drive with cunning swiftness while you’re on the roads.

• The Speed App comes with an improved interface to keep you well aware of all the directions you’ve gone so far.

• The map view page comes with an integral direction-setting measurement which keeps you well-versed with your speed limit range.

• Learn new road-safety requisites with For Speed app that accommodates the standard speed perimeter.

【免費交通運輸App】Your Speed-APP點子

Letting you direct your vehicle to the exact locations with the perfect road grip. With enhanced map visuals you know where you’re at and where you have to go. Along with the speed grip detection, you’re off the highways with agility and effectiveness.

This is a must-have mobile device application to keep you crosschecked of your map direction and vehicle speed alertness. For Speed is the best car-control application for your sm

【免費交通運輸App】Your Speed-APP點子

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