Zen Mindfulness

【免費健康App】Zen Mindfulness-APP點子

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The most comprehensive and popular mindfulness app available in the Windows Phone App Store.

17 guided meditations included (More than 4 hours in total)!

Mindfulness meditation allows us to respond creatively to the present moment, freeing us from reactions that start the cycle of rumination.

A beautiful zen mindfulness app. Offering life wisdom and motivations quotes from among other the great Dalai Lama.

Start each meditation with an inspirational quote or teaching!


* Includes 12 guided meditations of variable length!

* Meditation timer, supporting start and interval bells

* Learn how to meditate.

* Detailed instructions and tips on how to improve your meditation

* Mindfulness, Zen and wisdom quotes

* Live tile with today's inspirational quote

【免費健康App】Zen Mindfulness-APP點子

* Random Zen Garden backgrounds in the app

* Module for buddhist teachings

* New app bar

* More than 400 teaching

* More than 100 quotes

Missing some functionality or other needs? Send us an email or add comment on rating and we will try to fulfill your request within a week or two!

Updates in Version 7.5:

* Improved support for run under lockscreen

Updates in Version 7.4.1:

* Fixing bug on statistics recording for non-guided meditations

Updates in Version 7.4:

Updates based on user feedback!

* Improved color compatibility

* Added support for run under lock screen

【免費健康App】Zen Mindfulness-APP點子

* Improved help-screen

* Now supporting "add session manually" in statistics

* Bug fixes

Updates in version 7.3:

* Added 5 more guided meditations

Updates in version 7.2:

* Bug fixes in meditation log registration, now working on guided meditations as well

Updates in version 7.0:

* More teachings

* Several new guided meditations

* Adding support for meditation statistics

* Bug fixes

Updates in version 6.5.1:

* Bug fixes

【免費健康App】Zen Mindfulness-APP點子

Updates in version 6.5:

* 2 new guided meditations

Updates in version 6.4:

* Added more teachings and quotes

* Added 25 minutes long body scan meditation

* Added 22 minutes long Resting in the presence

Updates in version 6.3:

* More teachings

* Bug fixes

How to use the wide tile:

Open the app

Close the app after approx 10 sec.

After 1 hour (when your Windows phone scheduled background tasks have run) you can re size the tile

Improved color compatibility

【免費健康App】Zen Mindfulness-APP點子

Added support for run under lock screen

Improved help-screen

Now supporting "add session manually" in statistics

【免費健康App】Zen Mindfulness-APP點子

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