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ZimboSearch App is a mobile application that combines Zimbabwean business and entertainment in an un-contradictory and appetizing manner. ZimboSearch is optimized for both phones and tablets.

With this app you can;

-Search for soccer fixtures, results and log table for both local and international leagues

- Search for rugby and cricket leagues fixtures, results and log tables.

【免費商業App】Zimbosearch App-APP點子

*Search for movies being flighted that day in Zimbabwe most popular cinemas

*Search for the music concerts organized by Zimbabwe well known music promoters

*Search for religious and cultural events in Zimbabwe e.g conference, carnivals. e.t.c

【免費商業App】Zimbosearch App-APP點子

*Search for Zimbabwe most popular promotions,

Device Compatibility;

*Zimbosearch is compatible with 2250 devices that uses Android, almost all devices.

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