Zodiac Watch Face

【免費個人化App】Zodiac Watch Face-APP點子

Zodiac – Desired Versatility

Take delight in our brand new and exclusive watch face and express your inner soul.

Perfect for both Square and Round Watches.

Presets Functionality

- create configurations for your watch face

- import watch faces created by other people

- save

- share

- Presets community: http://goo.gl/1kIXjB

25 color elements to customize and set e.g.:

★ background color

★ watch hands color

★ the zodiac sign

★ time marks

★ decoration

★ info elements

2 weather forecast providers

【免費個人化App】Zodiac Watch Face-APP點子

★ 4 options of weather update frequency

★ Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees

★ icon option

settings colors for both modes:

★ the ambient mode

★ the normal mode

12 Zodiac signs to personalize your watch

★ option to turn on / off the zodiac sign

★ zodiac sign in full color

★ outline of the zodiac sign

Countdown option

★ count the hours

★ count the days

3 watch hands types to choose

Digits on / off option – in normal and dim mode

【免費個人化App】Zodiac Watch Face-APP點子

3 modes of presenting the passing seconds:

★ sweeping seconds

★ pulsing seconds

★ tail mode

Short, normal and translucent notification cards.

4 customizable dials / rings – in normal and dim mode

14 options of dials / rings such as watch & phone battery; digital time option; weather option and much more...

★ novel TOUCH OPTION – tap the screen to enable and disable the TORCHLIGHT

Coming soon:

★ your exclusive weekly horoscope

★ more touch options

★ more hands types

【免費個人化App】Zodiac Watch Face-APP點子

Zodiac Watchface for your SmartWatch with Android Wear 5+!

It is all you need to have beautiful and elegant Watch Face on your wrist.

You can also join beta community to be part of implementing new features:


More our watchfaces and applications on Google Play: http://goo.gl/UShdiW

Zodiac is a premium and thoroughly tested watchface and we work hard to make it flawless.

In case of any problems, don’t rate it 1-star, instead please contact us on: support@sx.ayz.pl

Give us maximum 24 hours to solve your problem and be a completely satisfied user of your newly acquired app.

Common Synchronization problem & Solution:

If the Application does not appear on your watch please do the following:

- uninstall the watch face

- disconnect watch from phone

- restart watch

- connect watch and phone again

- install Zodiac watchface once again


【免費個人化App】Zodiac Watch Face-APP點子

Copyright: Academy Extreme.

【免費個人化App】Zodiac Watch Face-APP點子

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