Zombie Animals

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子


Tired of building the best farm? Try destroying one full of zombie animals.

Enjoy the original soundtrack and outrageous action gameplay now in TWO EPISODES!

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子


✔ Unique 3D levels

✔ Lots of zombie animals to kill

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

✔ Powerful weapons

✔ Several types of power ups

✔ Dangerous boss at the end of each episode

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

✔ 2 levels of difficulty

✔ Original music and sound effects

✔ HD graphics

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

✔ Game Center

It's exciting! It's either you or them!

It's strategic! Choose the best weapon to stay alive!

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

It's intense! How high can you score?

It's addictive! You'll want to play over and over again!

We at Zariba would like to express our gratitude to all of our fans and supporters!

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

Thank you!

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【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

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【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

Zombie Animals is completely free to play, but it contains items which can be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

【免費遊戲App】Zombie Animals-APP點子

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