Zombie Trivia

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Zombie Trivia will test your knowledge of zombie movies, games, books, comics and everything related to those lovely brain eaters.


350+ questions in both english and spanish

【免費益智App】Zombie Trivia-APP點子

4 play modes

This Zombie quiz has questions mainly from movies like Romero's "..of the Dead" series, Resident Evil, Zombieland, Planet Terror, Braindead, Return of the Living Dead and some more obscure movies. But it's not limited to movies, it has questions about TV Series (The Walking Dead), games, books, comics and "common zombie knowledge" too.

【免費益智App】Zombie Trivia-APP點子

Questions are not very difficult, but you need to be a zombie aficionado to get a good score. For comments or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email.

【免費益智App】Zombie Trivia-APP點子

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