Zooro - save the zoo!

【免費街機App】Zooro - save the zoo!-APP點子

This popular game is for all the animal and Zoo lovers: our Zoo is in danger!! Our lovely animals have scattered and cannot find their way to safety. It's all up to you now to help them! Take up a role as one of the animal super heroes and help the lost animals find reach their destination. All your predecessors have failed, you are their last hope.

The more animals you help, the bigger the reward is. Collect all the stars to unlock game content.

What this game brings:

- game progression (earn stars to unlock levels, worlds and super heroes)

- multiple superheroes (penguin, own, hippo, frog, pig, giraffe, monkey, zebra, cow, elephant)

【免費街機App】Zooro - save the zoo!-APP點子

- superhero stats

- random encounters

【免費街機App】Zooro - save the zoo!-APP點子

- different worlds

- unique levels for each world

【免費街機App】Zooro - save the zoo!-APP點子

- funny and detailed HD graphics (HD on Retina only) and sound

- achievement system

【免費街機App】Zooro - save the zoo!-APP點子

- fun

Be prepared for a challenge, for a challenge it will be. You need to master your flying skills in order to bypass all the obstacles on your goal.

Random events, complicated levels, and time are all against you. Are you the one to help our Zoo?

HINT! Try not to get hit by a bird ;)

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