a Enter b RPN Calculator

【免費工具App】a Enter b RPN Calculator-APP點子

This calculator is an RPN calculator with a stack of 128 lines.

What makes this calculator not common is the binary window.

【免費工具App】a Enter b RPN Calculator-APP點子

First of all, as you can see the screen, each line of the stack contains 3 elements: decimal, hexadecimal and binary

So for instance, you can enter an hex number, “BF32” and then click on enter to put it in the stack. Each element is updated in real time.

【免費工具App】a Enter b RPN Calculator-APP點子

If you want to enter it in binary format, Click on “Next”, and you have the functions for binary operations, then “BIN” button, “Prev” for previous keyboard and now the keyboard is only in binary mode/input.

Click on Next and you can perform binary operations, like for instance “OR” or “NOT”.

【免費工具App】a Enter b RPN Calculator-APP點子

“Home” goes back to the main window. Then, you have the standard operators like “+”, “-“, “*” and “/” and also functions to manage the stack.

【免費工具App】a Enter b RPN Calculator-APP點子

It is also possible to add comments which could be anything like for instance the unit of the result

【免費工具App】a Enter b RPN Calculator-APP點子

The Logarithm Keyboard has all the standard “power” functions.

The Trigonometry Keyboard with true values of PI. For instance, Arc Sin of 1 has Pi/2 as a result. And if you need the value of ‘Pi/2’, just click on “value Pi” and the value in Degree gives 90. You can of course make the calculation in rad or degree.

I hope you will enjoy all the functionality of our high performing calculator.

Thank you.

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