anderChat Messenger (alpha)

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The anderChat Messenger is an easy-to-use multi-messenger with modern holo design. It is based on XMPP and usable e.g. for Google Hangouts, Jabber or Facebook Chat. Contact all your friends via different chat services! This is the first alpha version of our app. Further features are planned to come soon.

XMPP is an open standard for message transfer. There is a large number of XMPP servers on the internet generally offering free registration. With XMPP it is possible to chat with your contacts and exchange data. Many established messengers are based on the XMPP protocol (ICQ, Jabber, WhatsApp, ...) or are supporting it (Facebook Chat, Google Hangouts, ...).

In addition, it was important in the development of the anderChat Messenger that no unnecessary permissions (see privacy policy below) are required.

Current functions:

- set-up of several connections at the same time,

- quick access to latest news,

【免費通訊App】anderChat Messenger (alpha)-APP點子

- easy exchange of contacts from Google, Facebook & other XMPP-based services,

- search function in chat histories, chats & contact list,

- offline mode to save energy & data usage,

- buffering of offline messages until the next online connection,

【免費通訊App】anderChat Messenger (alpha)-APP點子

- deactivation of single connections to chat services and

- innovative design with easy and intuitive handling.

【免費通訊App】anderChat Messenger (alpha)-APP點子

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