antivirus for smartphones 2014

【免費工具App】antivirus for smartphones 2014-APP點子

Best antivirus for android Free anti-virus and real-time system that has been most popular for mobile devices.

antivirus and anti adware for Android (free antivirus) protects you from viruses, malware, spyware and text message. And keep your personal information safe.

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Over 100 million people installed antivirus for mobile antivirus and anti adware use now and then.

- Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real-time applications for viruses, malware and spyware are malicious.

- Start a search / set for the phone lost / stolen via Google.

- Lock / Delete for privacy.

- Manage the devices run slowly.

- Surf the web safely and protected with a phishing attack.

- Check the batteries. Storage And Package Services

- Indicates that the device is not safe and tell you how to fix it.

【免費工具App】antivirus for smartphones 2014-APP點子

antivirus and anti adware (free antivirus) - Security for Android protects your mobile phone quickly and easily!

Features of the app:


- Scan apps and files and remove malicious content.

- Find shopping and social networking with peace of mind.

- Scan a website to find out if the threat detected suspicious URL will redirect to. "Secure page" (available on Android's default browser only).


- Manage tasks and procedures. To make the device slow or stop.

- Check the batteries. The battery level indicators and enable energy efficiency.

Monitoring data traffic - Track mobile data plans in 3G / 4G.

- Increase efficiency of internal storage and the SD card.

【免費工具App】antivirus for smartphones 2014-APP點子

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【免費工具App】antivirus for smartphones 2014-APP點子

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