blendr - color blending game

【免費解謎App】blendr - color blending game-APP點子

Welcome to blendr - a puzzle game that challenges you to sort colors into the correct order before you run out of time. This completely free, simple and incredibly addictive app will sharpen your brain and keep you coming back for more.

If you enjoy blendoku, then blendr will be just what you're looking for - a great color blending strategy game!

The timed levels will challenge you to speed up your sorting skills, while the untimed free play is great for kids to learn colors and sorting skills.

Try the random mode for endless color combinations - millions of them!


40 timed levels

【免費解謎App】blendr - color blending game-APP點子

40 untimed levels

【免費解謎App】blendr - color blending game-APP點子

Millions of random levels

【免費解謎App】blendr - color blending game-APP點子

Simple interface

Completely free

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