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bong bing is a classic block breaking game like bong, Breakout and dx Ball, in which you break bricks using your block paddle and a ball. Are you up to the challenge of becoming the ultimate brick breaker?


- Beautiful, colorful and customizable HD graphics!

- Unique Fun Levels with tons of blocks.

- Extreme Challenge Mode with unlimited bricks to break!

- 3 difficulty levels, Easy, Normal and Hard.

- Online leaderboards for Extreme Challenge Mode.

- Game statistics; total bricks broken, time played, and more!

【免費街機App】bong bing-APP點子

- Optimized for both smartphones and tablet computers!

- Share your Extreme Challenge High Scores on Facebook, let your friends know you're awesome in bong bing: Brick Breaker!

- Laser power-up to destroy bricks with style!

Coming soon

- New brick types (explosive brick, astral brick)

- More colorful blocks

- More fun power-ups (gravity, block buster)

- More fun levels with dozens of bricks to break

【免費街機App】bong bing-APP點子

during gameplay, or on areas that might be accidentally clicked).

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